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The leadership teams at EMBC are structured as follows:

Pastors: The spiritual shepherds and overseers. The pastors seek and serve God in EMBC, loving and equipping the church. Teaching and preaching God's word. Supporting and encouraging each disciples journey deeper in faith. Equipping God's people to serve through their God given gifts. Leading the church in its God given vision. Shepherding God's people with love and compassion.

Office Manager: Oversees and manages church operations. Serving closely with the pastoral team.
The Senior Leadership Team: Is the core of leadership at EMBC: serving God, discerning the strategy and overseeing ministry. The Senior Leadership Team lead the church by focusing on and implementing the vision. Seeking church health by offering pastoral and practical support to ministries. The SLT are appointed by and accountable to the church.
Five Leadership Teams: These teams consist of senior leaders and additional team members appointed by the Senior Leadership Team regularly. Each team is responsible for overseeing the ministries relevant to them. All aspects of church life are connected to a leadership team. These teams pray for and support ministry leaders. Develop ministries to better serve. Facilitate training and equipping of teams.